Adv. Deepthi Presenan had many roles in her Professional Journey, she served in High Court as an Sr. Advocate, Ex- Government Pleader & Ex-Public Prosecutor.

With dealing with many of her own Professional and personal setbacks, she came into realization that the importance of healthy mind. Like any of our Body muscles, our brain could also be strengthened by certain mind power training.

One with a healthy conscious mind will look unto every problem in his/her life as a situation. And when it is seen as a situation, then with same mental strength, they will look up to deal with it, in their own maximum possibilities.

Developed within herself in decades, now she had taken unto full-time profession as n Advisory and Empower trainer dealing in the field of mindfulness-based stress reduction training. Here with our accredited mindfulness training, we could help you to:

Enhance your emotional Intelligence.
Upgrade your memory.
Boost your functionality.
Control your consciousness.

These all eventually will help you to lead a Happy & Prosperous life.

“For the one who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friend; but for one who has failed to do so, his very mind will be his greatest enemy.”

—–Shri Krishna; Bhagvad-Gita